A Musical Journey

For a long time myself (Rob) and Becca have been big fans of folk music in all it’s guises.  Recently we have been looking for a musical venture to undertake together and thought that this would be a fun way to learn new songs and new stories; so here we are!

Some astute readers among you may have noticed that we have slightly bastardised a project by the wonderful Jon Boden of Bellowhead and Spiers & Boden fame who set about doing A Folk Song A Day a few years ago.  We are not in any way affiliated with him, but we hope he likes it (he follows us on Twitter so I’m taking that as his blessing!).

So how will we chose songs? Basically whatever we want to play, we’ll play! Be it a traditional English ballad, an Appalachian tune or a modern composition – if it’s a good song and has a good story behind it then we’ll play it!

Which brings us to our first piece, which we chose to be a wonderful song called You Stay Here by American wordsmith Richard Shindell.  This is a fantastic song about the plight of the refugees from the Kosovo conflict and is sung from the perspective of a father and husband trying to keep his family safe. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song with powerful lyrics and a gorgeous guitar line that myself and Becca couldn’t help but fall in love with.

So without further ado, may we present our first Folk Song A Week: You Stay Here by Richard Shindell


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