An Evening With Bella Hardy

So this week we are a day late as we were in London all weekend to go and watch Bella Hardy at Bush Hall supporting her new album she released earlier in the year titled With The Dawn and it’s bloody brilliant!  We had decided that in honour of Bella we were going to perform a song of hers this week and had decided on her version of a great old song called Whiskey You’re The Devil; however, last night she played a song off her new album called Time Wanders On and we loved it so much that we decided to abandon Whiskey and try to learn TWO on the car journey home!

It’s an original composition by Bella Hardy and her friend Cara Luft (not Lara Croft as I kept accidentally referring to her as!) which they wrote while spending time in Canada surrounded by silent monks! It’s a homage to the beautiful Canadian landscape and cannot be listened to without a smile on your face at the vivid portraits she paints with her music and lyrics. We thought it was too pretty a song to play indoors on such a lovely day so we found a nice wooded area near our house and set up camp there for the afternoon with a friendly group of cows for an audience!

As you can imagine trying to learn a brand new song in a 1 hour car drive did pose a few problems, most notably not having a guitar to hand but we feel we’ve overcome them well enough to present our finished product to you now.  So here is our cover of Time Wanders On by Bella Hardy, off her new album With The Dawn (of which we are now proud owners of a signed copy, she’s a lovely lady!)


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