A Surprise Visitor

So this week we had been rehearsing another classic traditional English tune and were all ready to record it.  But last minute my sister came up for a visit from London, and as she has an amazing voice we thought we’d rope her in to do a session with us!

Aside from our Folk Song A Week project, myself and Becca are part of an acoustic group called Tantallon with my sister and her boyfriend.  We thought as Rachel was up we should do an original song that we’d written as part of this group.  So we’ve set aside the traditional tune for another week in the future, nice to have one in the bag ready to go!

The song is called Winter King; it’s a story of a child having to grow up very fast after the passing of their father and having to take on great responsibilities that they aren’t prepared for.  I wrote the basic outline for the lyrics a few years ago but hit a brick wall with regards to the music.  I decided to show it to Rach and Becca and they both ran with it, creating some truly gorgeous harmony lines!

We always have great fun playing and singing with Rach and I think it shows in this video, focussing more on making each other laugh than on the song itself! We have other collaborations planned for the near future and hopefully we’ll be able to rope Rach back in for another session!

So here is our Folk Song A Week, Winter King: an original song.  Enjoy 🙂


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