It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that January 2016 will forever be remembered as the month where we lost some truly great and inspiring people in a very short space of time.  As this is our last January song we thought we should do a small tribute to those bright lights, and to do so we chose to sing Wayfaring Stranger.

The song appears to have it’s roots in the Appalachian region of America potentially dating back to around the 1780s.  It was associated with various cultures and communities across America and has been covered in more recent times by the likes of Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris and Jack White.  The song speaks of death in a beautifully positive light; the transition from a dark and painful world into one of light and reunion and we couldn’t think of a better song to use for this occasion.

We kept our arrangement very simple as the song doesn’t need any tricky finger picking or crazy vocals, the song just speaks for itself.  All we’ve added is an extra chorus to include a brother in the narrative and an additional humming verse (if you listen closely you may even hear me droning away underneath!).

So here you go, we really hope you enjoy this one, and let’s hope the rest of 2016 is a little brighter!


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