An ill-informed Paris Trip

WE MADE IT TO 20!!!! Welcome everyone to week 20 of our Folk Song A Week project,  thank you all for sticking with us this far 🙂

To mark the occasion we thought we’d play a good upbeat tune for you all, and as we’ve loved these guys for ages we had to chose a Megson song. As much as we want to cover The Longshot it wasn’t upbeat enough for this week so it’ll have to wait it’s turn! For this week we chose The Smoke Of Home.

While the music is fittingly upbeat, the lyrics themselves are really rather depressing! They speak of a girl who sets out for Paris to find her fortune.  However things are never that straight forward and she finds that the glamorous Paris of her imagination isn’t what she finds there, and before too long she realises her mistake and longs for ‘the smoke of home’.

So without further ado here’s our version of this great song. Megson are a wonderful duo who deserve a lot of your attention (they’re currently on tour, go see them!).


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