A Case of Mistaken Identity

This week we’re doing one of my favourite songs of all time: The Crow On The Cradle.

The case of mistaken identity has nothing to do with the song itself, merely the fact that we gave credit to the wrong songwriter on the video, so apologies for that! And if I’m being totally honest I thought this was a Show Of Hands original!

The song was written by Sydney Carter (not Jackson Browne, although he did do a version as well!) as an anti-war “lullaby”; the crow foretelling the life of pain that the child in the cradle will suffer along with their family: “The crow on the cradle, the white and the black/ Somebody’s baby is not coming back”

I’ve loved this song for years, the meaning behind it, the lyrics are a masterpiece and the music is so dark and foreboding and the nursery rhyme style to all of it adds a wonderful sense of sinister foreboding to the song.

We’ve struggled with this song as it’s so good already it’s hard to know what to do in terms of rearrangement…so we decided not to (other than adding a more ‘picky’ guitar part).  So we hope you enjoy this song, we certainly do!


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