Once again we need to start this blog with a little apology for being late.  When we started this project we had no idea that normal life would get in the way so much!!  But we’re back again, and don’t worry you will get a full year’s worth of songs, we’ll just add them on to the end 🙂

This week we’ve crossed the pond again and taken another folk tune from the Appalachian region: Shady Grove.

Like many of the Appalachian folk tunes, this one has it’s roots back in England (or maybe Scotland).  The song originates as a variation on the tune Matty Groves; a Child Ballad that will be featuring later on in our project.  The tune is still very similar to Matty Groves but the real changes have been the lyrical adaptations.  Where Matty Groves is a classic tale of a noble lady finding comfort in the arms of a man of the lower classes, Shady Grove is more a standard love song with a man proclaiming how much he loves his lady (although we’ve adapted it to be from the female perspective).  The lyrics may have aged a bit as Becca thinks that this display of affection is a tad stalker-ish!

We slightly messed up the end of this one…well Rob did but it was his birthday yesterday and he had wine so he’s forgiven! But nevertheless we hope you enjoy this one, and we’ll try not to have too many more delays in the future!



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