A Not-So-Innocent Nightingale

Earlier this week we rediscovered the beautiful Jackie Oates.  On her “Saturnine” album is her version of the old Cornish classic “The Sweet Nightingale” and we agreed we absolutely had to do a version as well.  So thanks Jackie!

At first listen this sounds like a sweet little courting song that ends in a happily ever after.  However the “sweet nightingale” isn’t some metaphor for a young couple’s love, rather a sexual euphemism! When the male protagonist is promising the lady the she will hear the sweet nightingale as she sings in the valley below, he’s basically trying to pull!

The ‘Pretty Maid’ puts up a bit of a fight at first but in the original version of the song her defence lasts all of one verse. Rob likes to think that’s because the man had the best “game” in history, but Becca wanted her to be a bit more feisty, yet still in-keeping with the history of the song, so in our version she will only consent once the couple are married.  A happily-every-after after all!


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