A Song For Dink

Our latest song choice is another from across the pond and goes by the name “Fare Thee Well”.  In many folk circles, however, it also goes by the name of “Dink’s Song”.  This refers to how the song was initially collected by the great John Lomax.  John, and his son Alan, were 2 of the most prolific collectors of American folk music in the 20th century; collecting everything from Appalachian tunes to prison worksongs.  This particular tune was first collected by John Lomax in 1909 when he heard a young woman called Dink singing it as she washed her man’s clothes down by a bank of the Greater Calhoun Bayou River next to a camp of levee builders near Houston, Texas.

The song has been done by many of the great revivalist musicians such as Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk as well as many modern musicians such as Oscar Isaac/Marcus Mumford and Jeff Buckley.

We’ve had Rob on vocals in a few videos already, but this time it’s been stepped up a notch and we decided to try harmonies between the two of us! Quite good fun really, might do it again on another video or 2…or we will if Rob can handle Becca when she gets in “Teacher” mode and starts yelling words like “ENUNCIATE!” 😉

We only discovered this song recently but very quickly fell in love with it; and the imagery of a woman singing the tune as she did her laundry by the river was just the icing on the cake.  We hope you enjoy this song as much as we do 🙂

P.S. We’ve got a few different gigs lined up for June and July, including a big one for Milton Keynes Fringe Festival! Head over to our Gigs page for details!


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